Why Choose Us?

About YouIt's about you

Our job is really all about you, the people who keep county government working. We are committed to addressing your unique challenges and supporting you and your county’s goals.

Your challenges

You are consistently being asked to “do more with less.” Taxpayers have a continually growing appetite for additional services. Yet, these same taxpayers don’t want an increase in their taxes. You may see information technology (IT) as a means for additional services, but your past experience may be that IT vendors have created more anxiety than solutions.

We believe this is because your choices have been primarily limited to large Wall Street owned companies that are expensive or very small firms that are risky. This leaves you with few options, and that is why we have uniquely built our company to address your needs.

You want someone who specializes in your work

Information Capital has six companies specializing in distinct areas of county government. Each company shares the same customer-centered values. And we leverage a common information technology infrastructure that gives you the option of sharing your data among county departments.

You are Main Street driven, not Wall Street driven

County governments are focused on Main Street economics, not Wall Street economics. Just like you, we are Main Street driven. Information Capital is not publicly traded so we are not at the whims of investors who are only looking at the short term bottom line and who don’t know the challenges of running a county. This allows us to make long term decisions that keep our client’s best interests in mind.

Customer Support

When it comes to supporting our customers, our values and beliefs require that we always strive to deliver timely, competitive, impeccable service to our customers, making '100% Customer Satisfaction' our commitment as a team and our only way of doing business. Read More...


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